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Yes. I have succumbed. I have an iPhone.

Not the i4s, so I have no assistant to take my notes and set my reminders. But I do have an iPhone.

And with that comes the glory of the APP STORE!

So today, I present to you the three (free) Catholic apps that I have downloaded, and what I think of them.

Universalis Catholic Calendar: (Free) this is sort of misnomer, because it’s actually the breviary–if you tap on the day of the week, info about the day’s saint or feast comes up, but in the upper right hand corner there’s a small clock icon. Tap that and it’s the day’s breviary. This is awesome for me, because sometimes I forget my real one. It’s also great for night prayer, because I take my iPhone up to bed with me (I don’t have an actual phone, so I keep the iPhone close in case of nighttime emergencies). So that is nice.

Con: The translation is not so great. The app says this is due to copyright issues. It’s not a major problem, but if you’re used to the regular breviary, it’s sort of irritating.

Overall, a great resource IF you know how to pray the breviary, and/or you’re into the church calendar and want to know more about the church year (in bite sized chunks)

Rosary: There are a ton of these. The one I chose has several sections. TODAY, which brings up the daily set of assigned mysteries; MYSTERIES, which shows all of them; HOW TO, and PRAYERS. Each mystery is accompanied by a scripture quote and a piece of artwork portraying said mystery. If you tap on the art work, it will fill the screen. Tap it again, and you’re back to the mysteries page.

I like having art to look at–it definitely helps center my mind. I wish the meditations were a BIT longer. A plus is that they list the “fruit” of the mystery; for example, for the First Glorious Mystery, the Resurrection, the fruit is “faith”.

I would suggest browsing the apps to see which one you like the best. I find this one to be helpful, though.

Magnificat Magazine: BEST app! You get all of the daily prayers, the readings, the meditations, and prayers for meals, listed for each say. The font is clear and the layout is the same as the regular Magnificat. Great for those times when you’ve forgotten it! (Which has happened to me a few times, grrr), and also great for travel. This is a must-have app. It’s free for subscribers, but they didn’t make me login or anything to prove I was a subscriber (although I am), so I’m not sure how it works…but it’s a fantastic app.

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