Notes from the Triduum, Part III–Easter (and a really awesome link)

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He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

Easter here was cloudy and windy, but that didn’t matter, because inside my church it was full-on spring! Flowers were everywhere (I’ll try to get pics up soon), trumpets blasted, the organ played, bells rang out, and we rejoiced! Jesus had conquered the grave and secured for us everlasting life! PARTY! :)

(And don’t forget–the Easter season is FIFTY DAYS! FIFTY DAYS OF REJOICING!!!)

After Mass, my family and I went to a French restaurant, where we definitely broke the Fast of Good Friday! Then home for family time and, um, candy. Because Candy rocks. :)

So here we are, in the joyful season of Eastertide. After the discipline of Lent, where do our spiritual practices go from here? Can we incorporate what we learned from Lent into our post-Lent, post-resurrection lives?

Here’s a good post by the fabulous Jen to get you thinking about that. What can we do to ensure that every day we become closer to God, and more in tune with His will?

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